JABSCO impeller (Code 16.194.40)

JABSCO impeller (Code 16.194.40)

ANCOR pumps

CodeDescriptionAccessoriesCEF ref.Original ref.PictureInsertA Ø (inner/outer)B ØCBladesProfile No.
16.194.00CEF impeller code-11027457,31 / 8 mm50,08 mm22,1 mm67
16.194.16CEF impeller code-113500138 mm31,3 mm11,9 mm61
16.194.01CEF impeller codeGX100500109,54 mm39,6 mm18,94 mm64
16.194.02CEF impeller codeGX1215002112 mm39,6 mm19,2 mm64
16.194.31CEF impeller codeGX-N200500109,54 mm39,6 mm18,94 mm64
16.194.05CEF impeller codeGT1075000714,29 / 16 mm57 mm31,6 mm1226
16.194.07CEF impeller codeGT1055000522,5 / 25,4 mm96 mm63,1 mm913
16.194.08CEF impeller codeGT1455004522,5 / 25,4 mm95 mm88,5 mm1215
16.194.24CEF impeller codeT135T5003522,5 / 25,4 mm95 mm63,1 mm1015
16.194.25CEF impeller codeT104502214,29 / 16 mm57 mm50,2 mm1226
16.194.26CEF impeller codeT1145000914,29 / 16 mm65 mm50,1 mm1020
16.194.34CEF impeller codeGT-N20550005; 5040522,5 / 25,4 mm96 mm63,1 mm913
16.194.35CEF impeller codeGT-N2075040714,29 / 16 mm57 mm31,6 mm1226
16.194.36CEF impeller codeT-N2145000914,29 / 16 mm65 mm50,1 mm1020
16.194.40CEF impeller codeT115T5001522,5 / 25,4 mm95 mm88,5 mm913
16.194.13CEF impeller code-1295001612,75 mm50,8 mm22,1 mm67
16.194.14CEF impeller codeGT1205002015,9 mm65,2 mm41,3 mm1221
16.194.17CEF impeller codeGT1035000315,9 mm62 mm31,7 mm1222

Accessories: G: gasket; GT: gaskets + cap; GX: gasket + nut; X: nut; CGT: key + gasket + cap; T: cap.


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Serbia, Montenegro over 500.00 FREE 3/7 days Deutsche Post - DHL
Russia, Ukraine, Belarus up to 500.00 18.00 5/8 days International Air Mail
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Customers are able to track their deliveries from the departure to the end destination.
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Below the max. dimensions of the parcels. For items exceeding this measure, please contact us.

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Some limitations applies on the dimensions ad on some dangerous items:

Can't be shipped through air mail any dangerous items, like:
- Paints
- Spray
- Fire extiguisher
- Components under pressure
- Flammable in general
- Distress flares
- Self inflating items

The max value per shipping is 1000 Euro (shipping costs included)

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