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With adjustable joints and ULTRABOLT high-resistance connecting bolt...
Ex Tax: 648.20€
Fuel additive: 1) disperses condensated water that is formed in all tanks - 2) dissolves fungus, tar..
Ex Tax: 55.74€
Made of precision-cast mirror polished AISI 316 stainless steel..
Ex Tax: 17.44€
Very sturdy, fitted with velcro mounting, fine design, designed to provide protection for sails and ..
Ex Tax: 13.86€
No transducer necessary, it is equipped with 32-channel GPS antenna. 1) Speedometer/compass: speed a..
Ex Tax: 146.24€
Rigid and flexible double pipe; orange coloured plastic, floating, includes fuel filter, neck ؘ siz..
Ex Tax: 6.96€
Waterproof adjustable portable light, made of neoprene colour black, fitted with optic unit with qua..
Ex Tax: 41.81€
Made of investment cast AISI 316 stainless steel...
Ex Tax: 2.17€
Approved by Marine Equipment (MED), suitable for Commercial Boating in all countries that comply wit..
Ex Tax: 70.11€
Suitable for fitting into tensioners with right metric screw threads..
Ex Tax: 34.79€
Installation requires rectangular hole 21,5 x 36,8 mm. Maximun rate 25 A at 12 V and 15 A at 24 V. R..
Ex Tax: 6.38€
Made of AISI 316 stainless steel; with spring locking mechanism and safety tooth...
Ex Tax: 11.10€
Size 12.5x11.5x10 cm, hole ؘ 8 cm...
Ex Tax: 24.06€
The clamp system enables to install the cutter without disassembling the propeller..
Ex Tax: 188.62€
Sailor Mall is Here

Sailor Mall is Here

John 30/05/2017 19
 Welcome to Sailor Mall website... ...your local online store for Boating and Fishing Supplies, Marine Hardware and Trailer Parts. We have a huge range of quality parts and accessories for your Yacht,...
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Arimar Liferaft

Arimar Liferaft

John 27/04/2017 13
 The Liferaft is the final emergency resource which people at sea have to rely upon: MED has been manufacturing Liferafts for more than 20 years with passion and being awareness of protecting the life...
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4bready antifouling ultrasound electronic device

4bready antifouling ultrasound electronic device

John 15/04/2017 20
 The fully patented 4breadyR device has been developed using the principle of ultrasonic wave to inhibit the growth of marine organisms such as cirripeds, mussels and barnacles. The device utilizes a ...
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NAVISAFE, Portable navigation lights

NAVISAFE, Portable navigation lights

John 15/04/2017 8
 Navisafe is a specialist Norwegian lighting company that was founded in 2005 following a near-miss accident involving two boats without lights. It was a dark night and Jo Engebrigtsen (owner and foun...
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